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Auditions for the 2020-2021 Choir Season will be held on May 11, 12, 18, & 19!


If you’re interested in joining the Newton Community Children’s Choir, please sign up for an audition time with the form above!  If you have any questions about the group please contact our Artistic Director, Jill Siebert, at

NCCC is open to students with unchanged treble voices entering grades 4—8 (public, private, or home school) living in Newton & surrounding communities

Audition Overview from our Artistic Director:

Due to COVID-19, our audition process will look different than it has in the past. In an attempt to keep our families and communities as safe as possible during this pandemic, we will be holding auditions for the 2020-2021 season virtually. 

The auditions will last less than 10 minutes, and I’ll be checking first and foremost for pitch matching, while also assessing choral tone and vocal strength. There will be 3 short parts to each audition – 

1. Sing “Happy Birthday”
2. Sing 30 seconds of another song of your choosing – My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean, Skidamarink, Take Me Out to the Ball Game or Home on the Range would be great options if you’re not sure what else to choose! I’m just interested in hearing some more of your singing voice!
3. Pattern Echo – I will play a few 3-4 note patterns on the piano, and you will echo them back (on “la”).
** There will also be a bit of time to talk through any questions you might have about the choir!

As an organization, we are attempting to find the right voices for the group while also ensuring that students feel comfortable and assured during the audition process. While there are sometimes opportunities for solos in this ensemble, it is by no means a requirement, and for that reason I prefer to avoid basing membership solely on solo performance. However, due to the nature of video conferencing, group auditions and singing together are not possible, so auditionees will have to sing on their own. Please remind your student(s) that nervousness is totally normal and that I am listening to their singing voice, not to their nerves 🙂 A deep breath is often a helpful tool to use when the nerves begin to take over!

We hope 6:30-8:00 on Monday evenings is clear for your child because that is when our rehearsals are throughout the school year.  If you have any questions about the choir or audition process, please email me at – I would love to hear from you!

I’m really looking forward to meeting the young singers of Newton and the surrounding community! Invite your friends who love to sing! Let’s build a beautiful choir!

Jill Siebert

Artistic Director, Newton Community Children’s Choir


3 thoughts on “Audition Information

  1. Hi, I am interested in trying out for this choir so, how do you audition for the choir? If you could get back to me that would be great! Thanks!

  2. My daughter is interested in auditioning – she is 9. Can we still come to auditions tonight even though we missed auditions on the 7th?

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