Welcome to NCCC!

NCCC Pic Dec 2014

Auditions for the 2017-2018 Season

Register for the May 8th and/or May 15th Auditions

If you’re interested in joining the Newton Community Children’s Choir, please contact our new Artistic Director, Megan Siebert, at newtonccchoir@gmail.com.

NCCC is open to students with unchanged voices entering grades 4—8 (public, private, or home school) living in Newton & surrounding communities

During the audition students will:
-work on proper singing posture (both seating & standing)
-learn Curwen Hand Signs and use them in various melodic & harmonic passages
-learn then demonstrate the ability to follow along in a choral octavo (music)
-learn then demonstrate the ability to unify vowels sounds across the choir
-learn then sing rounds in small groups, demonstrating the ability to hold parts with others

About NCCC: 

The Newton Community Children’s Choir is an auditioned choir of fourth through eighth grade boys and girls. Made up of students from Newton, Wichita, and surrounding communities, NCCC is an excellent opportunity for children of all ages and levels who love to sing!

Auditions take place in the summer between seasons. Interest, enthusiasm, and potential for learning are highly considered in the audition process.

Meet the choir!


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