Fall Retreat to Camp Horizon, October 2014

DSCN0202 DSCN0201 DSCN0199 DSCN0197 DSCN0196 DSCN0195 DSCN0194 DSCN0193 DSCN0192 DSCN0190 DSCN0189 DSCN0188 DSCN0187 DSCN0186 DSCN0185 DSCN0184 DSCN0182 DSCN0181 DSCN0179 DSCN0178 DSCN0177 DSCN0205 DSCN0204 DSCN0203

Windy City Choral Youth Festival, Chicago, June 2013 with Dr. Z. Randall Stroope


IMG_1844 IMG_1854

IMG_1941 IMG_1944

KCDA 2012

Full choir

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